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[4837]2x1 듀얼링크 DVI 스위처 [ VS-21DVI ]
스   펙 :
제조사 : KRAMER (크래머)
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판매가 : 980,000 원
적립금 : 9,000 원
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2x1 DVI Switcher

The Kramer VS-21DVI belongs to the Kramer DigiTOOLS™ family of high quality digital products in a small enclosure. The machine is a 2 x 1 switcher for DVI-D (Digital) signals. The VS-21DVI is a technologically advanced electronic switcher supporting 밆ual Link?and the DDWG DVI 1.0 standard. This allows a bandwidth of over 3Gbits/sec, making it compatible with the switching of signals having resolutions beyond UXGA. High resolution DVI signals are very sensitive to cable quality and to PCB layout. The VS-21DVI uses a carefully designed PCB and includes all buffering, conditioning and amplifying circuitries to provide a top-notch output signal. The machine selects between 2 DVI sources by electronic means, routing the selected signal to the output. The VS-21DVI is housed in a small Kramer DigiTOOLS™ enclosure, and is 12VDC fed.


INPUTS: 2 x DVI Dual Link, DVI 1.0.
OUTPUT: 1 x DVI Dual Link, DVI 1.0.
BANDWIDTH (- 3dB): 3.0Gbits/sec.
DIMENSIONS: 12cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm (4.7?x 2.95?x 0.98?, W, D, H.
WEIGHT: 0.3kg (0.66lbs).
ACCESSORIES: Power supply, mounting bracket.
OPTIONS: 19 inch rack adapters RK-T1, RK-T3.


  • Presentation graphics selection and routing.
  • Graphics production suites for source selection.
  • Dual PC systems sharing one monitor.