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[15398]Miniature Fiber-optic 3G SDI Digital Video Extender [ SDIX-100 ]
스   펙 : Miniature Fiber-optic 3G SDI Digital Video Extender
제조사 : 옵티시스
수   량 :
판매가 : 1,500,000 원
적립금 : 0 원
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The OPTICIS 3G SDI extender, SDIX-100 is a miniature, fiber-optic 3G SDI Digital Video Transport System, supporting the new 1080p, 3Gbps SDI format. The SDIX-100 is designed to transport one(1) channel SMPTE-424M 3G-SDI, SMPTE-292M HD or SMPTE-259M serial digital video signal over long distance through either single-mode or multi-mode fiber with the same model.

Due to the use of advanced digital fiber optic transmission technology, no user adjustments are required in the Mini 3G-SDI extender system, enabling quick setup and trouble-free operation. The SDIX-100 series can handle SDI, DVB-ASI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, and many other video formats. The power connector has a latch-locking mechanism, thus no power disruption due to miss-handling problem and also adopts ST terminated fiber-optic connector and HD-SDI BNC input connector for suitable application and both modules guarantee the signal quality by equalizing and re-clocking features.
The SDIX-100 series comes with a rugged, standalone, miniature unit.